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We’ll be there to assist you in your HR needs all the way. With our sleeves rolled up, we are ready to make it work. When launching a new business, founders are expected to perform several tasks essential to the future of the startup at the same time.

With strong hands-on experience in all kinds of startups, our consultants will provide you with expert guidance and advice for your HR issues. Together we’ll create HR processes that will escalate as your startup grows.

Artists in Recruitment

We understand that the first hires at your company are not only critical but the hardest. On top of that, the perfect hiring process isn’t set in stone. The best way to go through it is by analyzing what works best both for your startup and targeted applicants. We treat your hiring process with dedication and attention to detail as an artist its masterpiece.

We still do believe in numbers and metrics but our way of finding the ideal candidate for your team is by handpicking. From beginning to end, all potential candidates will be fully evaluated by our expert team step by step, without recurring to unsupervised automated tests or mysterious algorithms.

Artist in Recruitment

Tailored Process
Startup Specialists

Running a business is no easy task and we’ve been there too. Apart from specializing in HR, we live and breathe startup culture every day and we understand more than ever the challenges it involves.

Since our professionals have a long history of working at startups, we’ll be able to identify the kind of profiles that will make your business thrive in no time. Getting those people on board will make all the difference.

Human Factor

Hiring a team member is critical to any organization no matter their size. Because of that, we put ourselves in your shoes and understand that a thorough process is required fo fully evaluate candidates. Apart from analyzing candidate’s skills, knowledge, qualifications and work experience, it’s crucial to keep in mind other influential elements such as background culture, ability to work with other colleagues, personality traits, personal and professional aspirations, among others.

During an interview, we often find candidates initially feel nervous, anxious or even reluctant to speak. As experts in recruitment, we have been trained on how to approach these situations and bring out the best in them.

Human Factor

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