Remote & Onsite
Premium IT Recruitment



Remote team

Boost your remote team with top talent from Latin America.


Onsite team

Find top local talent in Argentina to work onsite with you.


HQ Setup

Looking to set up shop in Argentina? We'll get you started.

Remote Team


Remote Team

We can assemble or grow a nearshore remote team for you. Specializing in recruitment from Latin America, we are ready to find the perfect match for your business.

Our signature recruitment process is flexible to your needs and involves HR professionals going straight to the source to find only the most premium talent for you.


Onsite Team

We build your onsite A team in Argentina. If you have a team settled or a project ongoing in Argentina, we can find top tier new members to join the team.

Our recruitment professionals have in depth knowledge of Argentina's IT market and culture, knowing where to spot and how to attract the very best talent.

Onsite Team

Headquarters Setup


HQ Setup

We fully set up your brand new headquartes in Argentina. Our team of experts will manage your company's legal and taxes registration, venue selection for your new office, local recruitment and corporate bank account opening, among others.

We will guide you step by step through the process to ensure a perfect landing in Argentina.



Hand picked &
tailor made

We think of ourselves as artists in recruiting, handpicking and tailor making each selection to the specific needs of your team.

In a world where candidate's technical skills are now reviewed by automated whiteboard questions and mysterious AI algorithms, we believe that a perfect match for your team can only be achieved by also considering the human factor.

Background culture, ability to work as part of a team or even how fun a person is to work with are just some of the aspects that our recruiting team will be looking for to make you fall in love with our candidates.

How we work


  • TX

    Team experience

    Considering the person as a whole, we validate the candidate's team fit and alignment with the company's goals.

  • HG

    Access hiden gems

    We'll scout the market and approach the best candidates, even if their are not actively considering job offers.

  • DH

    Direct hire

    Hire each candidate directly and make them part of your team. No intermediaries or third parties involved.

  • HF

    Human factor

    To uncover each candidate true potential, an HR professional individually reviews each step of the recruitment process.

  • TC

    Tech consultants

    To help us fully understand your needs, we hold partnerships with highly ranked tech professionals.

  • EN

    English speaking only

    All our candidates are proficient in English and able to use it in a day by day basis.


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Lets start

Our sleeves are rolled up and we are more than ready to start expanding your team globally. You are one click away from getting in touch with the best talent or opening your next branch.