Set Up Your
New Office


  • VS

    Venue Scouting

    We'll provide you a range of available locations aligned with your budget and personally scout each one of them to find the right place.

  • VL

    Venue Leasing

    Once we’ve found the right place for your startup, we’ll manage the leasing process.

  • VR

    Venue Renovation

    To attract the best talent and communicate your company's values you may want to have your new office renovated. We'll get you an experienced architect to make that happen.

  • CR

    Company Registration

    In order to lease office space or hire employees locally, your company needs to be legally registred and obtain a VAT ID (CUIT). We can manage that process with the help of a local law firm.

  • TX

    Taxes Management

    In Argentina, your company is required to register incomes for taxation. It is also beneficial to register expenditures for tax deductions. With the assistance of local accountancy firm, we can manage that for you.

  • BA

    Local Bank Account

    Persona HR can open a local bank account for your company. You'll need this to pay for local expenditures, salaries and taxes. It's also neccesary for receving money from overseas or sending money abroad.

  • AR

    Available in Argentina

    Our office set up service is currently available in all regions of Argentina.



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