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Secure top talent for your organization with a riskless pay-after-hire pricing at market's most competitive rate.




  • Includes everything in HR Generalist plan
  • HR Generalist assigned to your project 40 hours/month
  • IT Recruitment for remote teams distributed all over Latin America and onsite in Argentina.
  • Up to 3 positions per month

The Process



Get in touch with us!

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Speak to one of our experts

The second you’ve filled out the form, one of our HR experts will reach out to you and schedule a quick chat. We are interested in getting to know your startup’s culture better and identifying the current challenges you are facing right now.

By the end of the meeting, we will send you our tailored proposal with our accessible options for you to review. You only have to say yes!



Let the search begin!

After you’ve said yes and accepted moving forward with us, we will of course celebrate! Jokes aside, our recruitment specialists will dive into your search delivering amazing results in no time. You won’t regret it!

We’ll go out and find the perfect match for your team!



Meet our candidates!

You’ll meet our great IT candidates and you’ll fall in love with their strong background and technical expertise. Besides meeting the technical requirements, we’ll introduce you to candidates that will make a fantastic addition to your startup culture and business goals right away.

We’ve carefully designed our recruitment process with the following steps:

  • Search Kickstart: we will begin your search and find that the right candidate you and your team are eagerly looking forward to.
  • Interviews: candidates are interviewed by our best HR professionals with attention to detail to those work experiences and projects that matter to you.
  • Evaluations: we will test those potential candidates on their English skills to make sure they are fluent.



Welcome them to your team!

Once you’ve selected the final candidate, we’ll quickly move forward and get them on board. Timing is everything. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to hire every candidate directly, with no intermediaries or third party agencies involved.

Are you interested in what we are saying? If you are then, let’s start growing your team with the best IT talent!

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this plan include HR Generalist tasks?

    Yes, it does. The IT Recruitment plan includes everything in the HR Generalist plan plus IT Recruitment.

  • Can I use my IT Recruitment plan 100% for recruiting?

    Yes, you can organize tasks as you please and find most convenient.

  • Which countries do you recruit from?

    For remote recruitment, we consider all Latin American countries you prefer working with, whereas for onsite recruitment we consider Argentina only.

  • How much do the Persona HR recruitment services cost?

    Check out our startup-friendly rates here.

  • Where will engineers work from?

    Engineers can either work remotely from their homes or onsite at one of your offices located in Argentina.

  • Is it really direct-hire contracting?

    Yes, it is. You’ll be able to hire candidates directly and they become part of your team in no time. We are not a software consultancy and we do not offer staff augmentation services.

  • What sort of IT profiles do you fill?

    We look for Software Engineers, Software Architects, Technical Leaders, Project Managers, Data Scientists, Testers, Technical Sales, among other specialists.

  • Are LATAM timezones really that convenient?

    Yes, they are. You’ll be able to share most of your working day with either your remote or onsite team in Argentina.



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