Nearshore: Friendly time zone

Clock on the wall

Due to its geographical closeness, South America offers a friendly time zone for North American businesses, compared to other regions in the world. That means you would be able to share most of your working day with your remote team, which really facilitates and accelerates project timelines.

Good and fluent communication sets the base for efficient teamwork. By overlapping more than four hours or so, you would be able to easily track what your team is working on and resolve blocking issues in no time. It will be as if your team was physically located there.

Meeting landmarks won’t be a problem anymore. Your remote team will easily be able to contact you in case time-sensitive decisions need to be made. The same goes the other way round for any urgent matter. By solving issues without delay, you’ll save time that will reflect on your project deadlines.

Regain control over your work-life balance. There's no more getting up at 3 am or staying up till midnight for a late call. You will be able to rest assured that your business is in good hands. By the time you arrive at the office, your team will have already been working on your assignment successfully.

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