Demonstrated English Proficiency

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In 2019, 60 countries took part in the EF English Index published by Education First Institute (EF). Among Latin American countries, there were some great results. Twelve out of the 19 Latin American countries participating in this annual evaluation, have improved their English proficiency since last year. Five of them even have shown a marked improvement, exceeding positive trends in every other region

On top of that, Argentina was ranked as the best English speaking country in the region whereas Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Guatemala scored moderate English levels.

When building a team in Latin America, the first thing you should consider is English proficiency as a must-have requirement. Being highly skilled in the English language will facilitate day-to-day communication and drastically reduce misunderstandings or delays.

Besides the reasons stated above, a high English level will erase all language barriers among your local team and your remote team and will facilitate a better fit within your team culture and higher participation. That’s why at Persona HR we only search for bilinguals candidates with rock-solid experience ready to join your team.

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